Anna Reinert

Born 1979, lives and works in Sopot, Poland. Representing galeries: ASPN Leipzig and Le Guern Warsaw. Works as an assistant profesor in drawing studios and gives lectures on modern philosophy at  the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland.


Solo Exhibitions

2011 ”On the Premises” ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2011 “Translucence” /doctorate/  Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk, Poland
2010 “Crush for two” Galerie Elly Brose Eierman, Dresden, Germany
2010 Kunstverein Lippe, Detmold, Germany
2009 “She is not here” Galerie Elly Brose Eiermann, Berlin, Germany
2008 “Where is Catherine?” Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw
2008 “Paterns” PGS Sopot
2007 “Sunday, Monday” ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2007 “Tell me What You Like?”  Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw
2006  Bror Hjorts Hus Gallery, Uppsala, Sweden
2006  Mitteleuropa Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 “Urbantic”  Łaźnia Center of Contemporary Art, Gdańsk
2005 “Malasrtwo” ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2004  Academy of Fine Arts, Diploma, Gdańsk
2004 Perpetuel Gallery, Frankfurt / M, Germany
2003 “From the Seaside”  Mózg Club, Bydgoszcz
2003  Mm Gallery, Gdańsk
2002 “Girls’ Pictures”  Students’ Gallery, Gdańsk


Group Exhibitions

2011 Streets of Art, Sopot, Poland
2011 “Work and Leisure” Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk, Poland
2011 “Nagroda Fundacji Vordemberge-Gildewar” Mocak, Cracov, Poland
2010 “Visit”  ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2010 “Painting is okey”, Gdańsk
2009 ”Over and Over Again” Centennial Hall, Wrocław
2007 “SWAB Barcelona” with ASPN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2006 “Horse Show”  ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2006 “Preview Berlin” with ASPN Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2006 “In Poland, Where’s That?” Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
2005 “Alumnus”  Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk
2005 “A2”  ASPN Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2005 “6 a.m.” Karowa Gallery, Warsaw
2004 “Apartment” Klima Bocheńska Gallery , Fabryka Trzciny, Warsaw
2004 “Walking Art Tour”, Warsaw
2003 “Supermarket of Art IV” DAP Gallery & Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw
2003 “Konfitura” Sfinks Club, Sopot
2003 “Youths of the Young City” Mm gallery, Gdańsk
2002 “Simply a Man” NCK, Gdańsk
2002 Students’ Gallery ASP, Gdańsk


Awards, Scholarships and Degrees

2011 Sopot Scholarship for Artists
2011 Award for Best Gdańsk Artist “ Storm of the Year”
2011 Doctor of Art
2009 Award of President of Sopot  “Sopocka Muza”
2006 Scholarship of Minister of Culture  “Młoda Polska”
2004“Samsung Art Master” II award
2003 Award of President of Gdańsk for Young Artists